Different Types of Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are lifts that are movable along a rail attached to ladders, and carry people up and down inside a building. Since its invention in the 1930s, the stairway lifts have radically changed to suit a variety of needs. Each improvement in technology is reflected in the design of stair lifts as well, and so users can enjoy more value and added value. One such feature is the ability of a stair lift automatically if it encounters an obstacle in his path. In connection with the operation of power, the two main categories are evolved directly A / C and model of battery powered unit. The Electra is a walk LT stair lift battery that can even be used in power outrages.

Some of the common models of stair lifts that are available for both residential and commercial elevators are straight, curved through floor lifts and elevators. For users who are in wheelchairs, stair lifts are available with the installation drive wheelchair. A disabled person can maneuver the wheelchair platform stair lift, which can then be raised up or brought down the stairs. This type of stair lift requires considerable space, and therefore can not be installed in small steps.

Two models to build stairs the stairs are narrow stairs to lift the foot and the stair lift seat. At the foot of the stairway lift, users can stand and guard rail, while the displacements. Sitting stairway lift has a similar arrangement but with a broad level of support to the buttock.

The purpose of the exterior of all time stairway lift is to help people with disabilities in accessing the open air, while the intensification of measures within and outside their homes. A wheelchair platform stair lifts include these.

With a number of companies offering a wide range of domestic elevators and escalators business, now it’s easy to find a stair lift to suit your individual needs. Stair lifts provide a sense of independence, and help you move and continue their routine activities without the help of a partner.

The Most Popular Models of Stair Lifts

A stair lift is not only something that has a lot of significance for the concerned people, but is also a major investment. This is the reason that makes it important that a stair lift has to be just right and adequate to the needs as well as safe. If you are the one for quality, then two manufacturers are there who are famous for their best quality. One is Stannah and the other is Bruno. Stannah is a UK manufacturer while the latter is a US manufacturer of stair lifts.

The manufacturers and models for the straight and curved stair-lifts differ and there are different companies that have established a great name in their respective kinds of stair lifts. For the curved stair lift, ThyssenKrupp Access and Bruno manufacture the most popular and top quality models. ThyssenKrupp Access offers the model Stair Glide and Flow II in curved stair lifts and Bruno makes the curved stair lift, which is the Electra-Ride III.

There are many innovations being made in the field of accessibility equipment and new features are being added on a continuous basis to the new products to further facilitate the users of the equipment and to ensure their safety as well. The manufacturer that you choose for getting the stair lift depends on the kind of features you want your stair lift to have and the kind of accessibility options you’re looking for.

Some of the most well known models of star lifts in the market are the Electra-Ride Elite, Citia, Stair-Glide, Excel and the Electra-Ride III. Bruno is one of the best manufacturers not only in curved stair lifts but also for straight ones. Another one of the best manufacturers of straight stair lifts is Savaria Concord as well ThyssenKrupp.

Selecting a stair-lift has now become very easy with the Internet. There are the websites of different manufacturers where not only the product types are shown, but also the features of each of the products are shown so that the costs can be compared relative to the features that each of the products has to offer. In this way, you can easily decide in favour of one of the stair lifts that offer similar features.

The Electra-Ride by Bruno stair-lift is an accessibility product that is similar to ThyssenKrupp’s Stair-Glide in certain aspects. The former has all controls, automatic, and is compact and unique in design. The seat height is adjustable so that the seating is comfortable. With its compact design, it is ensured that other people would be able to easily use the stairs even when the stair lift is fixed.

ThyssenKrupp’s Stair-Glide has advanced features, the most significant of which is the hand pendant control; fold up arms and the foot obstruction sensors. In addition to these features, the stair lift also has over speed brake and a joystick control on the arm, which makes the control easier even for people who are not able to use their hands properly.

Whichever stair lifts are suitable for you and you want to buy it, you should contact the dealer as soon as you have made the decision so that the stair lift can be installed for you to use and be at ease.

Spice Up Your Life This Summer With a Felt Beach Cruiser

It’s summer time again and we all know what that means. Now is the time for plenty of outdoor activities, evening walks and lazy afternoons at the beach. Cycling on the beach is an enjoyable activity which is both recreational and beneficial for your health. And we can all do with some exercise as we chill out and enjoy a bike ride on the beach.

Beach cruisers are usually a low-ride variety unlike their conventional counterparts. They have elongated frames and wide, cushioned seats. They are designed for comfort as well as style. These bikes are ideal for laid back rides along the beach without any need to rush or race. Felt as a brand is relatively new to the cruiser world and has carved a niche for itself already. The designs of Felt beach cruisers are high-end and unique. The frame is sturdy and made from the best components. Felt has a wide range of beach cruisers to suit every individuals need. You can choose from a high or low handle bar, bikes with or without fenders, multi speed or basic cruisers, stretch or kid’s cruisers.

Types of Felt Beach Cruisers:

1. Choppers: These come in two varieties, Fantome and Squealer. The Fantome has a semi- integrated head tube and a Hydrofoam one-piece top tube. The handle bar is adjustable and is perfectly suitable for anyone irrespective of height. The Squealer is a sleek cruiser in matte black. The pedals are made of slip proof rubber. This bike is a rage with teenage boys at the beach. The Chopper range is for men only.

2. One Speed: Luxe and Gnargyle are bikes which offer only one speed and no gear change. They have custom felt cruiser grips. You will realize how important grips are when it comes to your safety on a bike. We don’t want accidents due to frayed grips and sweaty palms, do we?

3. Three Speed: Imperial, Magno, Twin, Lo-Fi and Cortez are some of the three speed beach cruisers from Felt. These bikes come in an array of colors and beautiful designs to suit individual preferences. Three speed gears give you the option of maintaining the same pace even if the terrain you are on is rough or smooth.

4. Ladies: Jasmine Picnic and Patchwork are bikes exclusively for ladies. They are available in soothing colors and sleek designs. The seat is adjustable and the fork is tapered just to suit a ladies’ need. The seat is extremely comfortable and it has custom vinyl covered grips.

Every bike attains uniqueness by its possessor. Its time to get yourself one that is made just for you and which brings out your individuality.